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When we talk about animal welfare, nutrition and comfort are two fundamental pillars. Today, as an expert in chopped straw, I want to talk to you about Nual Chopped Straw and why I consider it the best option to ensure the welfare of your animals. From dairy cows to heifers, Nual Chopped Straw has unique characteristics that make it stand out in the market.

What is Chopped Straw and Why is it Important for Animal Welfare?

Chopped straw is a type of forage obtained by cutting straw into small pieces, typically 2 to 5 cm in length. This process not only makes it easier for animals to ingest but also improves digestibility and reduces waste. In the case of Nual Chopped Straw, we are talking about a specialised and certified product that ensures consistent quality and an optimal composition for animal welfare.

Animal welfare refers not only to the physical health of the animals but also to their comfort and natural behaviour. Good nutrition, such as that provided by high-quality chopped straw, can prevent health problems, improve production, and ensure that animals live in a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Characteristics of Nual Chopped Straw

Low Potassium (K+) Content

The potassium content in the diet of animals is a critical factor, especially for dairy cows. Excess potassium can cause metabolic imbalances and negatively affect milk production. Nual Chopped Straw has a low K+ content, making it ideal for maintaining the nutritional balance of your animals.

Ideal Fibre Size

Nual Chopped Straw has a fibre length of between 2 and 5 cm, which is perfect for animal ingestion. This size facilitates chewing and digestion, reducing the risk of digestive problems such as ruminal acidosis. Additionally, being more manageable, it reduces waste, meaning more efficient use of the forage.

Composition of Wheat and Barley

Nual Chopped Straw is composed of wheat and barley, two ingredients that provide an excellent source of fibre and essential nutrients. This mix not only ensures a balanced diet but is also very palatable for the animals, encouraging consumption and improving nutrient uptake.

Free from Stones and Foreign Objects

One of the major problems with low-quality chopped straw is the presence of stones and other foreign objects that can cause injuries and digestive issues in animals. Nual Chopped Straw is rigorously cleaned to remove 90% of dust and any other undesirable materials, thus ensuring the safety and welfare of your animals.

Benefits of Nual Chopped Straw for Animal Welfare

Improves Digestion and Digestive Health

The quality and size of the fibre in Nual Chopped Straw favour better digestion. Being composed of wheat and barley, it ensures a diet rich in fibre, essential for rumen health in ruminants such as dairy cows. Good digestive health translates to better nutrient absorption, which directly impacts overall health and production.

Increases Milk Production

Proper nutrition for dairy cows is essential to maximise milk production and ensure good health. The low potassium content of Nual Chopped Straw helps prevent imbalances that can affect milk production. By providing a consistent and high-quality source of fibre, it promotes sustained and high-quality production.

Reduces Stress and Improves Behaviour

High-quality forage like Nual Chopped Straw helps reduce stress in animals. A balanced and easy-to-ingest diet makes animals feel more comfortable and less prone to abnormal or aggressive behaviour. A well-fed, stress-free animal is more productive and healthy.

Facilitates Handling and Storage

Nual Chopped Straw, being free from stones and foreign objects and with minimal dust content, is much easier to handle and store. This not only reduces the time and effort required for handling but also decreases the risk of injuries for both animals and workers.

How to Integrate Nual Chopped Straw into Your Animals’ Diet

For Dairy Cows

Dairy cows have specific nutritional needs that must be met to ensure high production and good health. Nual Chopped Straw can be easily integrated into their daily diet, complementing other forages and concentrates. Being rich in fibre and low in potassium, it helps maintain electrolyte balance and prevent common digestive problems in dairy cows.

For Dry Cows and Heifers

During the dry period, cows have different nutritional requirements. Nual Chopped Straw is ideal for this stage as it provides a source of fibre that helps maintain digestive health without adding excess potassium to the diet. For heifers, who are in growth and development, Nual Chopped Straw ensures a balanced and healthy diet, promoting optimal growth and reducing the risk of diseases.

Practical Considerations

When integrating Nual Chopped Straw into your animals’ diet, it is important to consider the appropriate proportion based on the specific needs of your livestock. Consult an animal nutritionist to determine the optimal amount of chopped straw in the daily diet. Also, ensure a constant and fresh supply of chopped straw to maximise its benefits.

Case Studies: Real Impact of Nual Chopped Straw

“The Happy Dairy” Farm

At “The Happy Dairy” farm, the implementation of Nual Chopped Straw has made a significant difference in milk production and the overall health of the livestock. Before using Nual, they frequently faced ruminal acidosis and electrolyte imbalances. After switching to Nual Chopped Straw, they noticed improved digestion in the cows, a reduction in health problems, and a 15% average increase in milk production.

“The Healthy Heifer” Ranch

At “The Healthy Heifer” ranch, specialising in raising heifers, Nual Chopped Straw has been fundamental in ensuring healthy growth. The caretakers noticed that the heifers were more active, with better muscle development and fewer digestive diseases. The cleanliness and quality of the chopped straw also reduced handling time and the risks associated with feeding.

Why Choose Nual Chopped Straw?

Certifications and Quality Assurance

Nual Chopped Straw stands out not only for its nutritional and physical characteristics but also for the certifications that guarantee its quality. These quality seals ensure that you are offering your animals a safe, clean, and nutritious product.

Commitment to Animal Welfare

At Nual, animal welfare is not just a slogan but a real practice. From the selection of crops to the chopping and cleaning process, every step is carried out with the intention of offering the best for your animals. This commitment translates into a product that not only improves animal health and productivity but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient farm management.

Experts’ and Farmers’ Opinions

Numerous experts and farmers have shared their positive experiences with Nual Chopped Straw. Their testimonials coincide in the notable improvement in the health and welfare of the animals, as well as in the ease of handling the product. These opinions reinforce the confidence in the quality and effectiveness of Nual Chopped Straw.


Nual Chopped Straw presents itself as the best option to ensure animal welfare. Its low potassium content, optimal fibre length, absence of stones and foreign objects, and composition of wheat and barley make it a high-quality forage ideal for dairy cows, dry cows, and heifers.

Integrating Nual Chopped Straw into your animals’ diet not only improves their health and productivity but also facilitates the handling and storage of the forage, contributing to more efficient and sustainable farm management. Backed by certifications and the satisfaction of numerous farmers, Nual Chopped Straw stands out as the smart choice for those seeking the best for animal welfare.

Remember, the welfare of your animals is the foundation of your business’s success. Choosing Nual Chopped Straw is an investment in quality, health, and productivity. Don’t wait any longer and discover the benefits of Nual Chopped Straw for animal welfare on your farm!

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