We are there where you need us, because we distribute our NUAL chopped straw to any point on the planet. Our mission is to bring our product to customers around the world, which is why Nual already has an important international presence, having exported our star product – NUAL chopped straw – to 18 countries.

International departments


We have a sales team with extensive training and experience in international markets, which will provide a service and personalized attention to your needs


Our team is prepared to process all the necessary documentation so that your orders arrive on time and without problems to your destination


In each order we study the best possible solution to send our product, always meeting the deadlines requested by the customer and at a competitive price

Our sales team

<font size=3>Fernando Martínez Pérez</font>
Fernando Martínez Pérez Spain, Italy and Portugal
+34 608 29 46 99
+34 947 411 333
<font size=3>Héctor Martínez Lozano</font>
Héctor Martínez LozanoOther countries
+34 669 368 749
+34 947 411 333