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Our Distribution Network: Connecting Quality with Every Delivery

At NUAL, we understand the importance of efficient distribution to bring our quality products to livestock farmersaround the world. Our distribution network is the backbone that connects the excellence of our products to your farm gate. From our state-of-the-art factory in Arenillas de Muñó, Spain, to operations in 18 countries, every step in our distribution chain is carefully managed to ensure that NUAL Chopped Straw reaches you in the best condition.

Discover how our distribution network strives to deliver quality, punctuality and reliability with every delivery.

International Departments

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We have a sales team with extensive training and experience in international markets, which will provide personalized service and attention to your needs.

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Our team is prepared to process all the necessary documentation so that your orders arrive on time and without any incident at their destination.


In each order we study the best possible solution to send our product, always meeting the deadlines requested by the customer and at a competitive price.

Commercial Team

Fernando Martínez Pérez

Sales Department
Spain, Italy and Portugal

Héctor Martínez Lozano

Sales Department
Other Countries