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We are certified GMP+

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The basic principle of the GMP + system is the assurance of food safety from all links in the food chain. For quite a while it has become a prime requisite commercially worldwide to prevent serious incidents in the sector.

Synonymous with Good Manufacturing Practice.

It means that the manufacturer fulfills the "Good Manufacturing Practice" ( the products are consistently produced and controlled by applying stringent quality standards in line with current legislation, ensuring that their products are safe and of quality).

GMP are designed to ensure the quality of our products. The quality control system should cover the GMP manufacturing process.

To have the GMP certificate, must demonstrate that it has adequate facilities and equipment, and is still approved for all its operations, ranging from placing orders for raw materials to production, packaging, storage procedures, the transportation and delivery to wholesalers or farms.

GMP legislation governing areas such as data logging, staff qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment checking, validation process and claims management. The GMP system also requires full documentation so that every aspect of the development process, analysis, production and logistics allowing traceability and product recall if a problem is detected.

Ultimately a company has GMP certification guarantees
Quality, safety and efficacy of their products.

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